A Soho salon run by an affable team of young Japanese hairdressers, the vibe is that special brand of understated cool – a formidable stack of CDs at the back of the room is a diverse mix of tunes, and the downstairs salon offers up Hollywood-style bulb mirrors and a comfy couch for those waiting to recline. It’s not exactly glam, but the small details make it work – from the soft cotton cloth they place over your face to prevent shampoo splashbacks to the complimentary shiatsu head and shoulder massage the stylists give you after a long sit in their chairs.

Lizzie G.   London
Yup, these guys are bazaar. It's a salon run by very friendly Japanese staff who have an interesting way of cutting hair. It's different. You have you hair washed twice, once before your hair cut and once after. It was perfect. I'd go back.

Phil P.  London
Being new to London, I kept putting off finding someone to cut my hair. Since I think Japanese people generally have great hair & excellent sense of style, I figured B:Zar was worth a shot. I made an appointment with a day’s notice. My stylist was extremely attentive and communicated well in English. She was very thorough and extremely concerned that I was happy with the results. She kept making very tiny cuts and adjustments long after I thought the cut looked great. The result? I can honestly say this was one of the best haircuts I’ve ever had. Oh yeah, the scalp, head and shoulders massage is very nice. I'm happy to have my salon sorted... I will not be trying anywhere else.

Rob O.  London
If you too want to get your hair cut in an environment that is effortlessly Japanese cool, then please slide on through to B:Zar on Berwick Street in Soho. The only problem is that you don’t want to leave. There are two really awesome things about B:Zar. The massage after your haircut and watching the dangerously cool hair stylists in the mirror go to town. These guys truly are masters of their craft. If you are in need of a super cool do, I would highly recommend this place.

Vivian l.   Berkeley, CA USA
For my 2 years in London, I let B:Zar take care of my hair. All the stylists there are Japanese and they are very professional. Appointments are run on time. The good thing about this system is that once you get there, you waste no time waiting at all. I have the habit of taking a magazine photo to salons, so there is no room for misunderstanding between me and the stylist. Most hairdressers are not skilled to make my hair look exactly like what is shown, and they give lame excuses like “your hair texture is different” or “the shape of your head is different” to cover their inadequacy. Staff at B:Zar are the only ones who pass this test. This tells something about their experience and skills. People at this place are friendly and chatty. They have good aesthetic senses, as they’re up to date about the latest trends and styles.

Claire L.  London
In amongst the greys and browns of Soho sits this little gem of a hairdressers - B:ZAR. The bright green shop front was enough to attract me to make an appointment but once I discovered this was a Japanese hair salon, I was really excited. The price is really reasonable and you even get a Shiatsu head and shoulder massage which is a really nice bonus. If you’re looking for something a little different, B:ZAR is worth a visit.

Alfred L.  San Francisco, CA USA
I don't trust any regular salons to cut my Asian hair. I followed recommendations on Yelp and went to B:Zar for my first hair-cut after I moved to London. I was impressed by the service and quality of the haircut at B:Zar. The staff is friendly and making an appointment was easy. I recommend this place and I will go there again!

Charlie W.  London
I was a regular customer here for around 6 years or more - very good service and they did a great job.They really know how to cut hair - I’m a Chinese guy and you just can’t run a pair of clippers through hair like mine as it just looks awful and grows out really awful. The stylist’s here use scissors and comb only to achieve the exact desired length. Being a Japanese salon they also give you a head ans shoulder massage after your haircut. They will also wash your hair again just before styling to wash all the stray bits out, so no feeling of hairs falling down the back of your neck. Definitely recommend them as value for money - try this gem of a place.

Alec H.  New York, NY USA
One of the best cuts I’ve ever had and at a really reasonable price as far as London goes!

Vicky l.   Vancouver, BC Canada
I didn’t have an appointment, but B.Zar fitted me in last minute. It took over an hour on my pixie cut and I LOVE it. He was so careful and kept making minor adjustments to the length and the layers until it was perfect. The complimentary head and shoulder massage was a new experience, but wonderful. The salon is small and very very busy.